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Mike Diaz

Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens

You Are a Real NY’er When:

you are able to gleefully devour a sandwich on the train despite that everpresent stench of urine.


  • Scene Title: Melissa on the Q

    I was standing on the Q, listening to music and avoiding contact with my fellow man like always. Suddenly I felt the stare of another being, and discovered a mentally handicapped girl of about thirty standing before me, her arm stretched toward me with her palm up.

    “Oh, no I’m okay,” I said.

    “I think you need a hug,” she said. “I’m Melissa.” Before I could react she leapt into my arms and buried her head in my shoulder, petting my chest and cooing, again and again. “You need a hug.”

    At first I resisted, but she insisted, and didn’t let go until I arrived at my stop.

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