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  1. What is New York Writes Itself?
  2. What is a Scribe?
  3. Who can be a Scribe?
  4. If I am a Scribe where does my writing live?
  5. What is the “Script”?
  • 1. What is New York Writes Itself?

    “New York Writes Itself” is an ongoing series of creative productions fueled by the real people of New York – what people see and hear in the city is recorded as a ‘script’, which forms the inspiration for music, creative writing, art exhibitions and more.

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  • 2. What is a Scribe?

    Scribes should be observational and in touch with the people of New York, ready to capture amazing moments of creativity. Scribes are people who record their observations of people in the streets of New York – great characters they see, scenes they witness, or quotes they hear. Scribes write down their observations in the ever-growing ‘script’, housed at newyorkwritesitself.com

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  • 3. Who can be a Scribe?

    Potential scribes can be students, writers and generally creative individuals. To be a scribe you must be at least 18 years old and the age of majority in his or her state of residence.

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  • 4. If I am a Scribe where does my writing live?

    A Scribe’s writing lives in the main ‘Script’ on the NYWI website and in your Scribe profile. You can share your submission with your personal networks thru social media outlets.

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  • 5. What is the “Script”?

    When Scribes see or hear something of interest in New York, they record it on the ‘script’. The Script is a constant record of all the Scribes’ submissions. We consider the script to be the fuel that drives the creative nature of New York Writes Itself. Check it out here. (https://www.newyorkwritesitself.com/the-script/)

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